3 simple ways for marketing strategy in 2019

Are you looking for an effective measurement of your company’s marketing efforts? According to Seth Godin, marketing expert, the process of evaluating marketing strategy effectiveness is simpler than you think.

Seth Godin is a bestselling author and a symbol of marketing. He thinks that marketing efforts and how to measure the effectiveness of campaigns are not necessarily as complex as you imagine.

Recently, when participating in a broadcast program for the latest book called “This is Marketing”, Godin was asked: Today, entrepreneurs should measure efficiency. How do marketing campaigns work? This is his answer:

If your brand disappears tomorrow, who will really regret and miss you? … If your program doesn’t broadcast as planned, how many people will want to hear it from you? “.

The answer to these two questions will make the difference between high-impact brands and easily forgotten brands. According to Godin, if no one cares about you disappearing tomorrow, you are a brand that is easily replaced. At that time, you need to adjust your company’s marketing approach and brand promotion. All other output parameters are secondary.

Ông Seth Godin.

There are 3 ways you can apply Godin’s advice to the 2019 business story, according to Dakota Shane, social network consultant and collaborator of the INC.

1. Focus on building the community

With the current vibrant business market, almost no business can create a product or service that is so special that no competitor can create it.

However, there is a simple way to solve this challenge. It is to create a unique link between your brand and your customers, or more accurately, your consumer community.

To start creating a community around your brand, consider applying one of the following in 2019:

  • Organize community events to bring your customers together
  • Start selling high quality products, bringing brand identity to your most loyal customers,
  • Direct the company to the goal of connecting customers instead of just increasing sales
  • Regularly create the most compelling content on media channels for your users to “enjoy”
  • Create groups on Facebook, where you can discuss topics related to customer concerns about the industry you are trading

However, when choosing to build a community, the most important thing to remember is always to motivate customers to interact with customers. In an individual role or company representative, you can only do so. Because of the fact, for your community to expand, you need customers to spread, introduce and connect with each other. Word of mouth is the most effective tool when building a community.

2. Narrow customer positioning

In the same radio interview, Godin came up with a contradictory position with the current marketers, who focused on wide-ranging marketing. Specifically, he said, “The true success factor in marketing is opening a store and staying there. The thing you need to do is not to find new customers for the product but to find new products for the customers.

Today, big brands have online platforms that support billions of customers to connect with each other. What is the result? Niche market-focused strategies are thriving. The mass advertising stage on television with a general message for everyone, worldwide has gone very far. Today, you have enough tools and resources to communicate directly with your target customers. Take advantage of them.

To get started, you need to identify exactly who your target customer is, find out the specific buying habits of that customer group. Finally, bring the product to them in the most appropriate and special way.

Please solve their problems. Unravel their concerns. That way, you can build trust and gradually conquer consumer “pockets”.

The mass advertising stage on television with a general message for everyone, worldwide has gone very far. Today, you have enough tools and resources to communicate directly with your target customers.

3. Don’t be present all over the internet

Similarly, you don’t need to tell everyone about your marketing message. You also don’t need to try to cover the “online front”. The truth is that you don’t need to be active across all social networks to develop successful brands and communities.

Instead, you just need to be there where your target customers are. If you target middle-aged moms, what are you interested in social networks like Snapchat or Instagram? If you want to target the “Z” gamers, using up your budget to run ads on Facebook is just a wasteful strategy.

Take a step back and look deeper to determine the correct “battlefield” to join. Then, invest smartly the financial resources for core communication channels that can get you to exactly where your target customers are.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be worry about thousands of things. So, don’t let the marketing campaign become confusing unnecessarily. This year, just focus on creating a special and deep connection with your target customers. Give more value to their lives in every way you can. Gradually, the company’s profitability will grow higher and more sustainably than it is now.

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