About Us

Your Business is a professional marketing firm for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), established in 2013. We recognized that SMEs are providing excellent products with reasonable prices but are lacking in an effective Marketing Department to give the brand a good reputation in the market. To assemble an effective Marketing Department, businesses will need to spend significant money, effort, and time that only large multinational companies can afford. Furthermore, an in-house Marketing Department generates excess overhead expenses for an SME, resulting in a great waste for the business.

That is why we offer the “Outsourced Marketing Department” solution to help businesses effectively solve the marketing problem. The advantages of working with Your Business include:

  • Access: You can have instant easy access to a fully functioning professional marketing team that can bring multiple marketing skill sets for a full marketing package.
  • Cost efficiency: Compared to spending on a fully-functioning Marketing Department, you can save up to 70% of your cost.
  • Experience: We offer a team of professionals with extensive experience in marketing and brand development.
  • Specialization: We provide support in a wide variety of areas from design to digital marketing and from strategic planning to project management.
  • Convenience: You only pay for the service you want.
  • Flexibility: By outsourcing your Marketing Department, your marketing budget can be expanded or contracted flexibly to accommodate your needs. Our services can be stopped immediately if you are not satisfied with what we provided. The ceasing procedure is much simpler than hiring and resigning personnel.

Credibility, responsibility and efficiency is our motto

Vy Nguyen
General Manager

Ha Ngoc
Senior Marketing Consultant

Ky Xuan

Trang Thu
Account Manager

Tien Tien
Account Manager

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