We Recruiting Marketing Staff

Need to recruit 1 marketing staff.

  1. Tasks:
  • Deploy the client’s advertising campaign.
  • Optimizing the campaign during the run.
  • Report, analyze and propose solutions to customers.
  • Make quotation and communication plans according to customer requirements plan / proposal.
  • Write website content, facebook.
  • Specifically, they will be interviewed.
  1. Salary: determined by contract
  2. Requirement:

  Level: College / University
Professional knowledge: Marketing, business management
Experience: not required, will be trained.

  1. Other requirements:
    Ability to work under high pressure
    Be active in the job
    Understanding the field of online advertising
    Communicate well and handle good situations
  2. Benefit

To sign labor contracts, insurance contracts and other regimes according to the State’s regulations;

Competitive salary and performance bonus;
The dynamic working environment helps employees improve their skills and knowledge;
Be trained on business and on demand;

Working place: 111, đường số 1, cư xá đô thành, phường 4, quận 3, Tp. HCM

Submit your email address: admin@yourbusiness.vn

Phone: 097 4647 037

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