Business Problems

Fresh bread – Bready has been a brand for 13 years and very close to Saigon people. Bready extremely delicious, they have never done brand advertising ever but still crowded. From 2017, Bready wants to advertise online so that the brand becomes closer and livelier to consumers.

Our Solution

Through exchanging and re-evaluating Bready’s activities, we propose:

  • Use professional photography team to create beautiful and delicate images. Organize advertising via Facebook
  • Create more bright and dark combos to boost sales
  • Combine with Foody Delivery Now to expand on-door deliveries because there are a lot of customers interested in asking via Facebook
  •  Bringing new Burger Saucer products into central products to attract young groups. Advertise on Lozi, Foody, Diadiemanuong


  • Bready immediately attracts customers on social networks. They have 10,000 fans in 6 weeks.
  • Sales Combo, Delivery grew quite well, creating more revenue streams for the brand
  • Flying Disc Burger products became Hot products among young people and this name became Bready’s exclusive product.