The Peoblem:

Grand Sushi Ko is a new brand of a startup team that first entered F&B. They chose the premises in the inner Park 5 area – Vinhomes Central Park, an area with a rich population but there is the fact that the shops in the area are very empty. Especially they opened before Landmark 81 opened, so they have no worries about sales for a new restaurant.

Investing in a standard Japanese restaurant is not a small amount, so Grand Sushi Ko needs to find an experienced partner in implementing marketing activities for new F&B brands. After learning, Grand Sushi Ko decided to choose Your Business to accompany your new brand.


Giải pháp của chúng tôi

  • Through analysis, we assess that Grand Sushi Ko has advantages in food because their raw materials are fresh, especially there are many unique dishes that not all restaurants have. Moreover, their prices are very worthy, suitable for the high-end segment.
  • We decided to select the Facebook channel as the main channel, while optimizing seeding activities into Vinhomes’ residential groups, ensuring that all Vinhomes residents know the restaurant.

Kết quả


  • With good products, professional marketing, since Soft Opening, Grand Sushi Ko has been full of table, weekends are all booked in advance. Sales from the first month have reached expectations.
  • To solve the seat problem, Your Business also boosted Delivery to take place. At the same time. With the success of the first shop, we are also trusted to rebuild the brand identity and advice for construction business owners into a chain of restaurants, to create greater business value.