The Problem:

Karaoke Vui Vui is a brand new Karaoke. This is a new business of Ngo Minh company, a patron of Your Business. They have beautiful rooms, very high-class infrastructure investments and especially the MAXO sound system can turn anyone into a singer.

However, they do not have any marketing activities after about 2 months of deployment. They have a number of customers, but they believe that Karaoke Vui Vui will grow stronger if they invest more in Marketing.


Our Solution:

  • We advise Karaoke Vui Vui to appear on Foody, Lozi, Diadiemanuong. Information channels for young people. Their appearance will attract a lot of young people to know the brand.
  • Through communication with the owner and staff, we know that Karaoke Vui Vui is the most prominent because of its unique sound system. MAXO sound allows every voice to become much more attractive. A lot of people have.
  • Get the facebook channel as the center of the communication channel, Karaoke Vui Vui through which we locate Fun is the leading unit of sound system, with the slogan “Karaoke Vui Vui – Everyone is a singer” . After that, we implemented a series of attractive promotions such as “Check-in Vui Vui , get attractive gifts” in the photo area, “Guess the title of the song” and recently the Combo product package Extremely attractive and suitable for everyone’s pocket money.
  • We also advise them to use young, beautiful, successful and influential girls on social networks to share and livestream about services. This helps create a new fan base for Fun, and also makes Fun Fun create a brand mark for high-end customers.

 The Result:

  • After 2 months of implementation, many customers came to Funny and said that they came because they felt very interesting information from facebook.
  •  Their visitors did not decrease even after the Lunar New Year, the time when most brands fell into the low season.