The Problem:

Ketnoitieudung is a distributor of modern industrial tools in Vietnam. Retail customers would use the company website to find and order their products online. Ketnoitieudung came to us with a request to double their revenue from this website within a year.

Customer’s request:

  • An overall marketing solution to bring the brand closer to the heart of the customers.
  • Increase the number of potential customers to the website and double its e-commerce revenue within 12 months.
  • Improve SEO, generate natural long-term traffic in the website, and reduce online marketing costs in the long run.

Our Solution:

After extensive research, we found that despite its focus on E-commerce, the website itself needed serious improvements to differentiate it from competitors and make the products more attractive to customers. We installed a web page encoder to measure customer activity on the website. Based on the results, we redesigned the website to enhance the popular pages and eliminate insignificant pages. We also optimized Google Adwords and implemented SEO to save on marketing costs in the long run. To maintain a high quality customer experience on the website, we also developed downloadable content, and email and newsletter tools.

The Results:

After 9 months, both the number of visits to the website and profit increased by 100%. The new website increased 30% of online orders in just a few months.