Business problems

Lava Café is a small café in Go Vap District. They have only 1 store but nice design, good products, so they always have good traffic. However, they face competition from “big men” like The Coffee House that rises around, so they struggle to maintain and grow sales, while their old ways of doing things were no longer effective.


Our solution

  • Through analysis, we found that Lava Café’s many-year-old dream style attracted an artist audience, like romance, always loyal but few. However, they lose a lot of young customers, want romantic cafés but personality “news”, a little more fun.
  • Their only effective and effective communication tool is Facebook, but it has become old with new content. So we decided to change a new shirt for their Facebook, younger and more attractive.
  • Your Business changes writing language, interesting and fun but still retains the dream style of the shop. We have implemented many interesting programs enthusiastically supported by KH such as “Lonely Tree Check-in” during Valentine season, “Drop off with Combo Couple”, “Try to love-Drink is adventure” to rebuild the brand identity and advice for construction business owners into a chain of restaurants, to create greater business value.