The Problem:

MasterKid is a brand new extracurricular school for children offering three main product lines: TopArt (drawing classes), Superbrain (mathematics classes), and Stone (chess classes). When MasterKid came to us, they already had an established brand for the individual products but not for the overall MasterKid School. They wanted a brand identity and website to effectively communicate their mission while presenting an attractive, international image to its potential customers.

Our Solution:

We first created a colorful logo to meet the needs of MasterKid. We chose to use the tree as the main symbol for the logo as it represents the mission of MasterKid to nurture and cultivate Vietnamese children. We used colorful pastel colors and natural designs to attract the attention of children and parents. With the brand identity and logo in mind, the website was created to be modest but informative.

The Result:

The brand identity and website designs and content greatly satisfied the MasterKid employees. The logo and website designs continue to be used by MasterKid today.