The Problem:

MasterKid is a brand new extracurricular school for children aged 6-12. The school offers three main products: TopArt (drawing classes), Superbrain (mathematics classes), and Stone (chess classes). When MasterKid came to us, they already had an established brand for the individual products but not for the overall MasterKid School. They wanted a brand identity and website to effectively communicate their mission while presenting an attractive, international image to its potential customers.

MasterKid already had a website when they consulted Your Business. However, the website was more focused on providing detailed information rather than attracting customers. Furthermore MasterKid already had a steady population of students attending classes.

Our Solution:

Using the brand identity that we established, we created a website that conveys the mission of MasterKid and remaining loyal to the color scheme of the logo. We used all the information on the previous website but used animations and images so that students and parents can easily find the information. We also did a live photo shoot with the parents and students already attending the school to use for advertising publications.