The Problem:

Mat Hoa Da Phan is the one of the first cosmetic chain stores established in Ho Chi Minh City. Despite their lack of mainstream advertisements, Mat Hoa Da Phan became extremely popular by word of mouth. Now, they wanted to make the brand the leading cosmetic retailer in the mid-range segment.

Customer’s request:

  • Adwords Ads to help increase order quickly
  • Organize a Facebook page with rich content to attract new customers
  • Increase the number of potential customers through the SEO channel.

Our Solution:

After extensive research, we found that the strength of Mat Hoa Da Phan was their affordable prices and its preexisting popularity with Vietnamese people. Thus we suggested that Mat Hoa Da Phan keep their logo and website and use their limited budget on Facebook ads and Google Adwords.

The Results:

Access to the website increased by 100% after 3 months of implementation and is continuing to grow. Google Adwords and Facebook ads accounts for 20% of total revenue.