The Problem:

To establish the first safari zoo of international standard in Vietnam, the owner required a complete branding strategy and website. When the owner first consulted Your Business in 2014, the safari plan was still in its very early stages. With no detailed plan of the safari, we needed to propose a marketing plan to arouse high expectations for the safari.

Our Solution:

To come up with an appropriate marketing strategy we conducted extensive research and analysis. We first suggested the name MyQ Safari that resembles the owner’s daughter’s name and it is easy for international customers to pronounce. For the brand color, we chose a bright orange to communicate vibrance and energy.

Furthermore, for the logo we chose to use the giraffe as the main focus. According to National Geographic research, the giraffe is one of the most popular animals among children around the world.

The Result:

The owner of the safari approved of the new brand identity and the MyQ Safari brand was presented to the Southeast Asian Zoo Association (SEAZA) conference.
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