The Problem:

Ngo Minh is a leading enterprise in the Vietnamese audio industry. They are the exclusive distributor in Vietnam of MAXO Professional – the leading brand for high-end professional speakers and audio systems in Southeast Asia.

Ngo Minh designed its own original logo when it was established in 2007. 10 years later, the business has grown so much that the logo no longer suits the business. To prepare for further expansion of the brand, Ngo Minh asked Your Business to build a new brand identity.

Our Solution and Result:

We wanted the Ngo Minh logo to express luxury and class but still be modern and dynamic. To achieve this image, we used the idea of a loudspeaker and ‘play’ button as the main element of the Ngo Minh logo. For the logo, we used two main colors: black and copper. Black represents the maturity and class of the business while the copper color represents the drive towards a prosperous future. The two concentric circles resemble a speaker and it is also filled with a wish to develop international influence in the future. The four dots in the corner symbolize how Ngo Minh will continue to move forward through harsh and favorable times to come full circle like the four seasons. Additionally, the four dots represent the four assurances of the company: quality products, finest employees, wide range of services, and an excellent after-sales service. The triangle for the ‘play’ button shows that we are currently paused and we want customers to press play and move forward together with Ngo Minh.

With this new brand logo, Ngo Minh is gaining more trust and results in the market every day.