The Problem:

‘Now’ was still an unnamed brand when it reached out to Your Business. The start-up came to us with an innovate idea to install machines around the city that automatically juices oranges to make 100% pure orange juice. Such a machine is relatively familiar in foreign countries but the concept was still very much innovative in Vietnam.

The machine to make the orange juice was called the Orange Twister Machine (OTM). While the name of the machine was interesting, it was inadequate as their brand name. A problem that the start-up faced was that the Italian sellers of OTM needed a satisfactory design and branding idea quickly for them to agree to sell the machine to the start-up.

Our Solution:

We have researched their target customers and launched a branding solution with the a dynamic, energy-filled, impactful image. After many discussions, we chose the name “NOW” – a name that is easy to read and remember. It also represents the urban lifestyle where people want things ‘right now’. On the other hand, the word also represents the Vietnamese philosophy where people should “live fully for the present”. The highlight of our solution is the lovely message on every cup of NOW. Every lid of NOW’s container has a lovely message, such as “Call your Mom NOW”, “Action NOW”, “Be happy NOW”, “Be kind NOW”, and “Kiss your love NOW”.

The Result:

In addition to the logo, we created the design for the OTM machine and the containers to send to the Italian partner company. They were very pleased and approved every design that we created.