Business problems

OneZo is a famous milk tea brand in Taiwan and has been present in 6 countries. When coming to Vietnam, they need to rebuild their identity and website so that they are suitable for the Vietnamese market and still retain the spirit of the brand.

Our Solution

OneZo is an interesting brand with the highlight of the pearls made entirely by hand. The brand carries “Made in Art” values. “Made in Creativity”, “Made with heart” and “Freshness is Priceless”

The brand has a Chinese logo available. From this logo, we use a modern round font to create a new personality for OneZo.

We still retain very artistic watercolor dots with all colors and place it on 2 black and white backdrops. Wanting to send a message of sophistication and focus, Your Business also designed the uniforms of Japanese style.

The website also uses black background with eye-catching images but still carries the sophistication.


The website and brand identity have satisfied OneZo customers.