The Problem:

Pacific Ocean University (POU) is a private university in Nha Trang, Vietnam. In 2014, when new investors bought shares of the university, POU had a series of bad PR and they needed a good re-branding strategy to bring new energy to the school.

Our Solution:

Through extensive research and analysis, we determined the strength of POU as the first and best applied sciences university in the central region of Vietnam. The entire program that POU offers is designed to be extremely practical to ensure the highest employment opportunities for students upon graduation. We wanted the brand identity to be youthful but professional. Thus we chose the logo to be simple and used bold lettering with a modern color scheme. We also chose connecting triangles to represent stability and solidarity of the university.

We developed the slogan, “Learn from experience” to show the kind of brand identity POU will aim to have.

The Result:

After the extensive approval process of the new brand identity, the brand identity was finally approved by the School Board of Trustees. The new POU brand identity became the pride of the faculty and staff. Pham Van Hai, the Vice Director of the university was very pleased with our work and looked forward to communicating and attracting potential students.