The Problem:

Pacific Ocean University (POU) is the first university for applied sciences in Vietnam. POU offers a selection of multi-disciplinary, multi-level degree programs that help students make the most of their study options.

The problem is that due to the lack of marketing experience, the POU team’s recruiting efforts were unsuccessful. Your Business already worked with POU in 2014 to establish their brand identity. In 2016, POU came to us to consult on promotion activities to improve their student recruitment.

Our Solution:

Through extensive research, we determined that 1. we needed to improve the reputation of POU and 2. we needed an innovative plan that allows POU to approach high schools to promote the university.

First we came up the message “POU – Now Changed” to communicate the idea that POU is improving to incorporate creative, bold, innovative projects. With this concept in mind, we developed a set of marketing plans spanning over 12 months.

Our main plan was the “Helping the old school” project which we implemented in the first quarter of 2016. In the project, current students of POU are divided into groups to return to the high school which they graduated from. Under the guidance of teachers, each group will carry out small projects to help their old high school with 10 million VND during the Tet holiday. With this project, a total of 400 million VND will build 40 strong relationships between POU and the 40 high schools in the central region of Vietnam.

The Result:

The “Helping the old school” project was an astounding success!

The project attracted a lot of enthusiastic support and participation from the faculty even before the project started. Information about the project spread quickly through the school’s website and social networking sites like Facebook. The students were excited to be able to give back to their community and support the university they are studying in.

With the 10 million VND, most groups bought equipment and materials such as chairs and water dispensers to give to their high school. By attaching brochures and the POU logo on these materials, POU can promote their brand to the high schools. A total of 139 students and 20 faculty staff from POU worked hard to show the new culture of giving of POU. This project allowed POU to have an extremely successful 2016 enrollment year.