The Problem:

Quan Studio was established in February 2016. Initially, they focused on two groups of customers and three products: advertising photos for corporate clients and portrait and wedding photos for individual clients. The studio became extremely busy during the wedding season and Tet holidays but other seasons did not have enough demands to bring in revenue. Soon, money became a serious concern for the studio. The studio needed a marketing plan to ensure a steady increase in revenue.

Our Solution:

After extensive research and analysis, we determined the weakness of Quan studio. The three products that Quan studio offers are all seasonal and it was difficult for them to have a stable cash flow all year-round. Also, the studio does not have a sales team or strong ties to large corporate businesses to offer their services. Furthermore portraits are expensive at Tet and wedding photography packages are too competitive in the market. Lastly, Quan Studio has a Facebook page with good content but they have not optimized their ads with the appropriate audience.

Therefore, we built a new strategy and suggested Quan Studio to change its main product to family and children’s portraits. The strength of Quan Studio is its ability to “capture the moment” and so this new product would be suitable for them. Furthermore, there is still room in the market for this type of product and because it is not seasonal, a stable cash flow can be expected.

The Result:

After only one month of implementation, the revenue of Quan Studio grew significantly. Every day they have new orders, and after 3 months, they needed more staff to keep up the pace.

  • Their marketing costs account for only 10% of total sales.