The Problem:

Rensei Education Center is a famous extracurricular school in Japan. In Japan, Rensei has a history of 40 years with 232 branches. Now, Vietnam’s market is the first international market that Rensei reached out to.

Rensei came to Vietnam in 2014 and Your Business was the very first company to advise them on their brand identity and website. Rensei’s problem is that they want to keep their logo from Japan but also needed an international logo to enter the Vietnam market.

Our Solution:

As we listened to Rensei, we learned that the three colored petals on their logo represent the three personalities that the Japanese honor: Passion (Red), Perseverance (Blue), Growth (Green).

At first, Rensei planned to use red as their main color. However, we told Rensei that in Vietnam, red is already overly used by British-American educational brands. By using red, Vietnamese will associate Rensei with dynamic, energetic, and intelligent children.

However, the main qualities that Rensei wants to instill are self-control, respect, and persistence. With this image in mind, we chose soft textures and the color blue as the main scheme. We also used the cherry blossom motif to represent Japan.

The Result:

Rensei now has a complete and beautiful brand identity that successfully fulfills the requirements of the Japanese corporation.

We have sustained a close relationship with Rensei as we continue to maintain, refine, and adjust their website as needed.