The Problem:

Rensei Education Center is a famous extracurricular school in Japan. In Japan, Rensei has a history of 40 years with 232 branches. Now, Vietnam’s market is the first international market that Rensei reached out to.

Rensei came to Vietnam in 2014 and Your Business was the very first company to advise them on their  website. Rensei’s problem is that from the moment they enter the Vietnamese market, they only have one team of managers who did not have the skills to create and maintain a website. Thus Your Business needed to provide a full package of content, design, programming, photography, online PR in both English and Vietnamese.

Our Solution:

We were able to develop an attractive website with bright colors and attention to details. Because Rensei just entered the Vietnamese market, the products and services that it offers was not clear. Our copywrite team worked hard to make the website informative and appealing for Vietnamese parents.  

The Result:

The council for Rensei Education Center in Japan approved the website.