The Problem:

Saeng-N is a Korean cosmetic brand. They came to Vietnam and spent a lot of money on the beauty contest but did not bring any effect. Saeng-N needs a more economical solution and can see progresseng.

Our Solution:

  • Through research, we find that with their financial capacity, they cannot have a large marketing program. The most important issue is that they do not have a distribution channel other than Tiki and Lazada, but with the cosmetics industry, the distribution channel is the most important.
  • Your Business advises them to develop a distribution channel system of CTV Online. This is a very effective free advertising source.
  • At the same time, we also advised them to expand KPP offline at AeonMall supermarket system and other small selling points.
  • With a small budget, the only effective advertising channel is Facebook. We focus on quality products from Korea and beautiful design images, attracting young customers.

The Result:

  • Every day we get 5-10 customer inquiries to become a Facebook sales collaborator.
  • After only 2 months, they had a big distributor taking wholesale to distribute the Southern market. In addition, they also have dozens of small distribution points to introduce products.