Business problems

The Saigon Zoo and Botanic Garden is a long-standing symbol in Saigon built during the French colonial period, which is a place to hang out with every Vietnamese child and family. The problem of the Saigon Zoo and Botanic Garden is that this old brand has not been properly invested to become an interesting destination, becoming a beloved symbol in Saigon.

When we approached the Director of the Saigon Zoo and Botanic Garden, we really had the heart to bring the Zookeeper back to the iconic position of Saigon in the public. The green space, the history and the prime location in this place, if only a hand of Marketing will be able to take the Saigon Zoo and Botanic Garden to a new level.

Solution of Your Business

We have designed a perfect marketing strategy for 1 year with a range of exciting programs including Zooloween events, 1/6 events, contests throughout the year in media and calling packages. support from businesses.

It is regrettable that at that time the Saigon Zoo and Botanic Garden Zoo did not plan enough budget to implement the programs. However, they decided to choose Your Business as a companion to redesign the entire website for them.

We have rewritten the site’s content, web design and website programming for the public as well as the internal news viewing system for the Saigon Zoo and Botanic Garden.


The website of the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden has been completed and successfully protected before the Appraisal Council.