The Problem:

Toan Cau Visa (Global Visa) is an SME providing visa and settlement visa services to western countries for Vietnamese people.

Global Visa attracted its customers through digital marketing channels. In other words, they already had a website, Facebook page, and self-conducted advertising on Google Ads and Facebook ads. However, Global Visa felt that it was not as effective as they hoped. As the business growth of Global Visa slowed down, they consulted several agencies for a solution. However, the other agencies only provided Global Visa with communication channels rather than a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance the business.

Our Solution:

We studied the data and assessed the strengths and weaknesses of Global Visa.

Their main strength is the informative content on their website about obtaining visas. However, this strength relates to their weakness where the extensive information is presented like a personal blog where customers come to retrieve useful information. Customers do not recognize that there are products and services that Global Visa offers. The lack of a clear brand positioning and lack of optimization of website content and ad systems hindered the growth of Global Visa.

Therefore, we helped them reposition the business as a “top consultant for difficult visas”. We rebuilt the website with a more friendly and professional interface while also optimizing Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and organizing SEO activities.

The Result:

The number of calls to Global Visa in the first month increased 50% from the previous month. Their marketing costs are more than 200% effective.

Global Visa doubled its revenue after six months of using our website and is continuing to grow.