The Problem:

Out of the many graduates of the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, the Class of 1995 was especially bright and successful. The majority are Chief Executive Officers and Deputy General Directors of major banks and corporations in Vietnam. Moreover, the Class of 1995 was very close during their university years. So for their 20th reunion, they wanted a special celebration where their classmates who have scattered all across Vietnam can come together and relive their precious memories. The Class first consulted event organizing companies but they only specialize in setting up the event for the day and could not help with contacting the scattered members of the Class of 1995 and achieving the goal of reliving the past university days.

Our Solution and the Result:

Your Business presented a complete strategy for before, during and after the event to achieve their goal of “gathering all the members, and reliving the memories of the past. We partnered with an event design company, to create the perfect show with the theme “Back to the age of 20”.

To gather the Class of 1995 who have scattered all across Vietnam, our staff went to great lengths to contact each member of the Class of 1995 and ask for their contact information. At times, we had to go through several contacts and acquaintances to finally reach a class member. Then, we sent a personalized invitation asking them to ‘retake a failed exam’ at the university.

To make sure that the Class of 1995 can relive the past, we recreated and rebuilt the old dormitory to resemble what it used to be. We also recreated the old classrooms, the old cafeteria, and the old road with the noodle bar and the curbside café. We also prepared a uniform so that everyone can feel like they are back to age 20.

During the day, we also organized several games and events to take everyone back to their university years. The Class of 1995 was filled with nostalgia and each aspect of the day brought out so many emotions for everyone.

The event took place from 8am to 12pm and almost no one left early. Some even slept in the old dormitory, wanting to stay forever 20.