Business Problems

Who’s Tea is a Taiwanese brand of milk tea present at Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. When working with Your Business, Who’s Tea has opened for 2 months but no marketing activities yet. They have a Facebook content management unit, but only at the level of editing content from Taiwan. They expect that through Facebook communication, their sales will improve.

Our Solution

  • Enhance promotions for new brands. With a new brand of milk tea, we focus on pulling new plans with attractive incentives such as “10K milk tea – applied to the second cup”, “Group promotion” …
  • At the same time, Facebook is redesigned extremely eye-catching and attracts users
  • We also design mock-up in front of shops, preferential posters
  • The main set of Who’s Tea is a group of students from Minh Duc and Earst Thalmann. Therefore, Your Business tailor the preferences for students of these two schools, and also deliver advertising brochures to them.


Who’s Tea has achieved impressive sales growth in the first month of deployment, increasing more than 200% of sales compared to before. Unfortunately, they cannot sustain longer due to concession issues, but they have really made a mark on the young customer group.