Do you have these problems?

  • You do not have a standardized sales process.
  • Your sales team is selling instinctively and spontaneously./li>
  • You are too dependent on a few of your excellent salespersons
  • You are not sure if your salespersons are working efficiently.
  • You do not know which sales channel you need to focus on.
  • You are not sure about the appropriateness and effectiveness of your company policies and benefits relating to human resources and sales.

Our Solution

Your Business recognizes that a great marketing plan needs an efficient sales team for the company to generate revenue at its full capacity.

Your Business provides assistance to establish a fully functioning sales team in your company.

We help you:

+ Standardize the sales process:

  • Develop a set of standard procedures for your salespersons to follow.
  • Provide detailed sales guidance for your salespersons.

+ Organize your Human Resources Department for salespersons:

  • Setting a standard for recruiting salespersons
  • Training effective salespersons

+ Set up a monitoring and management system for your sales team

  • Build a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Setting up a monitoring system to keep track of individual sales.

+ Review your distribution channel strategy

  • Reviewing and analyzing current distribution channels: strengths, weaknesses, etc.
  • Re-structuring distribution channels to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Develop new distribution channels.

+ Form policies for your sales department:

  • Formulate policies and benefits for the Sales Department to increase incentive.
  • Develop policies for customers.

We want to help you establish a system where a salesperson only needs to adhere to the standardized sales process to successfully sell your products.

The Process of Establishing a Sales Team

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