Tiki and the tactic of “advertising like no advertising” during the Lunar New Year in 2019

From the beginning of December, Tiki had “destroyed” the year-end shopping season with super cute comedy clips with the participation of “gold couple” showbiz Trường Giang – Nhã Phương. Advertising Tiki Tet 2019 quickly received the sympathy of many women who are suffering with “war” to make strawberry when Tet comes.

Not long and metaphorical, the clip “The bride is the end of the new year” of Tiki leads directly into the psychology of fear of making the New Year’s bride of the women, especially the modern brides who are familiar with the self due to and less formalism.

At the beginning of the clip, Nhã Phương was assigned by her fastidious mother-in-law to buy Tet gifts for relatives across 6 provinces and cities. Although the belly elected to surpass her, she still could not “dodge” the celestial “wife of the bride to guarantee” during the holidays like this. All the plans for coffee and shopping, beauty and shopping for your friends and so on, all over the place because Nhã Phương still has to face “face down” with a long “sun”.

It would be useful to lament, the Giang and his wife – The method of “shocking” the spirit, “the sword of the sword” to perform the task. However, “life is not like a dream”, Tet market is bustling, people are busy up and down, flooding in long queues waiting for shopping. Not to mention, scarce goods make sellers spoiled “tight guillotine” at the price of screaming in the sky.

The climax was when Truong Giang was stolen from the wallet, making the shopping session of the couple become a success. “Water drop overflows” has made Nhã Phương unable to hold back but uttered: Strawberry making is the end of Tet!

At this moment, Tiki appeared as a savior for young couples with a delivery service through Tet to every province within a few hours. With the motto “Modern Tet is not afraid to be a bride”, they just need to sit at home and leisurely wait for Tiki to “watch” Tet.

Following the success of “God can believe it”, Tiki’s comedy clip “Make a bride is out of Tet” quickly received the attention of audiences with more than millions of views after only 24 hours of broadcasting. The charming comedy of Truong Giang – Nhã Phương couple has brought success to Tiki Tet advertising this year.

At the same time, the viewer also saw Tiki’s boundless creative ability when he released a TVC “advertised as not advertising”. Besides, the message “Tiki delivered across Tet in 2 hours”, “Download the Tiki app to receive thousands of Tet holiday offers” is repeated continuously throughout the clip is a clear and concise announcement for people. consumption of incentives when participating in Tet shopping program in Tiki.

It can be said that, with close content, good understanding of customers’ psychology and the presence of 2 famous KOLs, has brought Tiki a very impressive communication product, promising a year-end business season. It is good improvement.

Source: www.advertisingvietnam.com

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