The Problem:

Anglo English Center is a center specializing in teaching English for international communication, pronunciation practice, soft skills training, TOEIC test preparation, and IELTS preparation. It is located at 117-119 Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

With dedicated and experienced staff, Anglo offers an extensive curriculum to help students progress quickly and achieve their desired goals in learning English.

However, Anglo’s problem is that Anglo’s main target customer group is adults. This demographic group if often busy and favors short courses and flexibility making it difficult to arrange class time. Resulting in an unstable turnover, the Anglo English Center could not reach its full efficiency.

The Solution:

After many proposals and discussions, Your Business studied the target customers of Anglo and offered a solution: repositioning the main target customers to English for children aged 3-6 years.

Your Business recognized that English is integrated into the economy, culture and education of developed countries, especially for 3-6 year olds. Children at a young age are better learners and they can grasp a new language quickly. Many English language centers exist in Vietnam but the standard and quality of lessons are not great, the rates can be high, and parents are constantly struggling to find the right environment for their children.

By understanding the expectations of parents, Your Business helped build Anglo Cool Kids into an international standard educational environment – the place to train the young generation of Vietnam to international stature.

Anglo Cool Kids pioneered the Montessori method of teaching English to children from 3 to 6 years of age to help children develop both critical thinking, personality and speech reproduction. With this method, it is possible for their English level to reach native-speaking level.

Your Business built a set of marketing plans for 12 months, which included advertising on Facebook fanpage, and creating an attractive website.


In 2 months, Anglo has welcomed more than 50 children to register in long courses, turnover increased, and customer responded well to Anglo